Servicing your car is very important to keep it in healthy, working condition. So why not inquire about your service with us? We are sure you will be more than delighted with the service you receive.



Keeping your car in a good state of tune is paramount to fuel economy. This is is achieved by regular servicing, but also scanning the electronic control unit (ECU) to find any underlying faults, and prevent possible breakdowns.


We have a vast experience with servicing vehicle braking systems, from simple friction material replacement, to problem diagnoses with ABS systems. Again these can manifest themselves through the vehicles ECU


Regular servicing is a cost effective way of preventing breakdowns, maintaining good fuel economy and preserving the value of your vehicle.

Our technicians are able to service all makes and models to a high standard at very competitive rates. We pride ourselves on only changing the items that require replacement, so that you only pay for the work required.


As your vehicle only has a contact with the road no larger than a foot print at each corner. Your tyres and suspension have a massive affect on the safety of your vehicle, and are as critical to your safety as your braking system. Today’s roads (pot holes and speed bumps) create havoc with a modern cars suspension. We offer a full check and examination of all components, to diagnose any possible faults or safety issues.